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The Official Website of Mona Gnader, bassist for Sammy Haggar's band, The Waboritas.

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  • Mona with her favorite bass.

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Welcome to my new website.

Known simply as Mona to her loyal fans, Mona Gnader is the longtime bassist in Sammy Hagar's backing group, The Waboritas. Sammy affectionately named the band after his Cabo San Lucas nightclub, Cabo Wabo, and the signature cocktail made with Sammy's own tequila of the same name.

Asked to join just moments after her audition in 1996, Mona debuted on the Marching To Mars 1997 tour and has been with Hagar ever since. One of the top female hard rock bassists in the music industry, Mona's robust tone and confident chops are ideal complements to Hagar's post-Van Halen arena rock. Mona made her recorded debut on Hagar's hit 1999 Red Voodoo album, which included the party metal anthem, "Mas Tequila," the band's show-stopping, drink-along highlight.

Before becoming a Waborita, Mona played with the Mendocino College Jazz Band as well as cult guitarist Wayne Perkins, and for four years was the bassist with Tommy Tutone of "867-5309/Jenny" fame..